Structural Engineering Inspections

At Structural Repair & Renovation, we take a comprehensive approach to protecting the structural integrity of your home. To provide you with the most relevant products and services, we first need to identify your specific areas of concern. Our thorough structural inspections allow us to do just that.

What is a structural inspection?

Put simply, a structural engineering inspection assesses the current condition and structural integrity of your property. Home inspections may include assessment of some structural aspects but in order to understand the full picture of your home’s structural integrity, a structural inspection by a trained and licensed structural engineer is necessary.

Why Choose Structural Repair & Renovations for Your Structural Engineering Inspection?

At Structural Renovation & Repairs, we deliver engineer-powered construction and other services. What does this mean? When you choose us, you can do so in confidence knowing that we employ the most skilled licensed engineers to provide structural inspections.

Our engineers offer structural inspections for both residential and commercial customers. Using their education, training, skills, and industry expertise, our engineers deliver quality inspections with thorough reports for our customers. With the results of the inspection and the subsequent report, we’re able to provide educated recommendations for foundation repairs and waterproofing systems to ensure your home remains structurally sound.

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