Pedestrian and Residential Bridges

Properties with creeks or other obstacles may benefit from residential bridges, and the experts at Structural Repair and Renovations have all the skills necessary to provide bridges that add beauty and functionality to any property.

When designing a bridge, there are many considerations for our engineers ranging from soil type to aesthetic style. At Structural Repair and Renovations, we take every consideration into account when designing and constructing residential bridges. We know that a residential bridge, whether for vehicles, pedestrians, or both, is an investment in your property and our professionals develop solutions that remain dependable and strong even in the harshest conditions.

Before constructing your bridge, we’ll conduct a site survey to take into account all of the details necessary to build a bridge able to handle all its intended weight loads and traffic volumes. Our experienced and skilled licensed structural engineers take great care when constructing residential bridges, with the end result being structures that provide lasting beauty and performance. Additionally, our engineer-powered construction ensures that your bridge will adhere to all local codes and regulations.

Whether you want a bridge simply to move from one side of your property to the other or you want a more ornately styled residential bridge for a boost in curb appeal, we can accommodate your needs. We’ll work with your landscape and home, creating a completely cohesive appearance that adds style to your outdoor living space.

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