Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing For Washington DC & The Surrounding Areas

Water can do major damage to a structure. Make sure your home or commercial building is impervious to the ravages of water. An SR&R designer can properly evaluate the main cause(s) of water damage and design a solution that addresses each issue.

It seems everyone claims to be a drainage and waterproofing expert these days. Most are either amateurs or franchise companies with limitations, but that’s not us. At Structural Repair and Renovations, we fully understand the two types of water infiltration and how they are affecting your home, and we offer comprehensive solutions to prevent future water intrusion.

We have the experience and the expertise you need to fix any drainage, waterproofing, or foundation problem you have. We aren’t limited by lack of experience or lack of expertise. We aren’t limited by distributors, by networks, or by what we can or can’t do. We don’t have any limits!

We TRULY craft custom drainage, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space solutions. And we craft them using patented products and the latest in building science research.

Basement Waterproofing Services

  • Re-Grading of Ground Surface
  • Planting for Erosion Control
  • French Drains
  • Drainage Swales
  • Infiltration/Interceptor Trenches
  • Roof Drainpipe Extensions
  • Rain Gardens
  • Dry Wells or Rain Tanks

How Basement Waterproofing Stops Water Infiltration

There are two types of water infiltration; a rising groundwater table and surface water infiltration, most often through a foundation wall. While both of these result in water entering your home and having the potential for major damage, they do it in different ways.

The water table refers to the area between dry topsoil and the saturated ground beneath it. It is not a fixed amount or thickness and will vary from season to season. For instance, the arrival of rain in the spring or heavy summer thunderstorms will cause your water table to be high. Because the water table affects structural elements that make up your home’s underground, your basement, for example, rising groundwater can be a major problem for homeowners.

Surface infiltration refers to issues like water-stained walls or block foundations and as opposed to coming from the ground up, comes from the top level. Surface water is more visible than rising groundwater and can be a result of a number of things like blocked gutters, trees that hang over your roofline, and even the slope of your landscape.

While they happen in different ways, both require professional attention, and an effective waterproofing system that addresses both groundwater and surface infiltration is your best bet for a fully protected property.

Investing In Foundation Repairs After Waterproofing Services

Your home is a significant investment and perhaps the largest investment you’ll make. To protect your home and its long-term value, you need to take excellent care of your foundation. Why? Without a solid foundation, the structural integrity of your entire home is compromised. From nuisances like doors and windows that stick to major problems like unlevel floors, foundation problems can affect every area of your home.

One of the best ways to protect your foundation and the structural integrity of your home is to make sure you have effective drainage and waterproofing systems in place. With a foundation drainage system from Structural Repair & Renovation, you can have peace of mind that your home is well protected against moisture intrusion.

The experienced team at Structural Repair & Renovation will work with you to create a customized foundation drainage system, ensuring your exact needs are met. From start to finish, we make protecting your home and its value as hassle-free as possible.

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Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing
Exterior evaluation and repair is essentially the first line of defense against water; it includes:

  • Waterproofing the wall from the outside, and fixing the problem, so no more damage occurs. We clean the wall to create a clean surface that waterproofing coatings can adhere to. We pinpoint and seal the cracks/holes with hydraulic cement and other sealants. We then waterproof the entire walls with state of the art waterproofing coatings.
  • Gutters and downspouts that collect and lead water away from the home structure can be problem points. This is why you need to clear gutters of dirt and debris.
  • A waterproof membrane is the other important component of exterior waterproofing; this is installed all around the foundation of your home. It helps seal-out the moisture.
  • An exterior drainage system comes next; we can install a French drain requiring us to excavate all along the foundation. We then fit drain tiles in the trench (which carry water away from the foundation), right around the house; these will be surrounded by gravel and covered with soil.
  • Drainage swales are another solution. In Northern Virginia trickles can quickly turn into streams when it rains, and large areas of your property can erode in no time. Tree roots are exposed and mulch beds wash away with every rain. Low spots form in the yard and eventually, erosion patterns spread. Drainage swales in strategic places stabilize the soil and eliminate washout of mulched areas.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing
This ensures that all water leaks in the basement are redirected to the outside and away from the house. The different components of this system are:

  • Depending on what type of water intrusion is present, we have the ability to seal interior walls with new waterproofing technologies to keep water out. Sealants are applied that create crystalline bonds to the walls and don’t allow water in.
  • Pipes and drains- these catch leaks and can be installed just under the foundation to collect any excess groundwater. All this water is channeled to a sump pit.
  • Another option for waterproofing a basement or house is an interior sump pump. Although this is not a fix, it does keep water off the floors. It is a good option if exterior excavation is not possible, and is particularly effective if the water intrusion is substantial.
  • Installation of vapor barriers: Sealing all the cracks and leaks that are allowing water into your basement

common problems


Over time, leaves, dirt, and other debris clog gutters, downspouts, and drains. Without a way for water to exit the drain, it accumulates near the base of your foundation.


Wet floors are a definite indication that your home needs an improved waterproofing system. With our interior and exterior waterproofing systems, you won’t have to worry about damp floors or moisture accumulation.

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