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Structural Repair & Renovations is a company run by licensed professional engineers and all of our design team members are full-time employees. Our senior staff goes through regular professional training and other continuing education. When you contact us for foundation repairframing repair, basement waterproofing, yard drainage, or soil stabilization you are getting more than just an ordinary contractor. Our Experts understand the whole picture. When we make one repair or remodel, we know if other adjustments elsewhere on the property will have to be made in order to accommodate the new modification.

We understand the ins and outs of the different types of structures and soil that surround the Washington DC metropolitan area and understand that no two job sites are exactly alike. On every project, we provide consultation and assessment by a licensed engineer, architect or design professional. All work is supervised by a lead engineer to ensure that the work is done right the first time. Contact us today to learn more about our skilled team and the services we can provide!

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Foundation Repair

Damage to your home or building’s foundation can create major problems today and in the future. If the foundation shows extensive damage, it may be unsafe to have residents or guests inside. Also, if your property has a damaged foundation, it will likely decrease in value.


If you are unsure if you need a renovation or an addition, our industry expert team of engineers and certified contractors can assist you in deciding what works best for your specific needs and lifestyle.


Soil Erosion is the loss of soil from the ground surface. It is a process that is always occurring but it can happen faster if we misuse the land or if the ground surface is not adequately protected with vegetation and drainage swales.


Water can do major damage to a structure. Make sure your home or commercial building is impervious to the ravages of water. An SR&R designer can properly evaluate the main cause(s) of water damage and design a solution that addresses each issue.

Exterior Waterproofing


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“I am a Property Management Professional who has worked with Structural Repair & Renovations over the course of a few years on many projects, specifically related to storm drain repairs. They are quick, efficient, and do high quality and long lasting work for a decent price. I highly recommend trusting them with your next job.”

- Bethany M.

“They devised a brilliant solution to our patio drainage problem that is not only effective and attractive, but easy to maintain long-term. The job was completed faster than promised and the crew did an amazing job cleaning up after. We were party-ready when they drove away. The price was fair for the level of expertise required to do the job well.”

- Amy F.

Foundation Problems?

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