Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete slabs serve many purposes on properties for both homes and businesses. From slab foundations and sidewalks to driveways and patios, there are a number of uses for concrete. One of the reasons concrete is such a popular choice is its durability, however, like anything else, over time the strength of concrete begins to degrade. With constant exposure to extreme temperatures and other environmental factors, concrete eventually succumbs to issues like cracking and crumbling.

At Structural Repair and Renovations, we deliver superior solutions for concrete slab repair for your entire property. Our engineer-powered construction services are designed not only to correct current problems but to provide lasting solutions that help to prevent future problems as well. With an experienced and skilled team of licensed structural engineers, we’re able to provide superior concrete slab repair for your home or business.

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Slab Repair

One-story homes that have concrete slabs on top of the soil — especially those next to big trees whose roots spread wide — have a high probability of slab failure. One way to determine whether or not your slab is damaged is to look at the flooring inside of your house. If it’s cracked or uneven, the slab supporting your house might be suffering from settlement. Other signs of slab failure include:

  • External Brick Cracking
  • Internal Sheet Rock cracking
  • Sticking doors and windows


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