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Concrete slabs have a variety of purposes around the home. They can be used in large or small applications such as a driveway or basement. People often like using these around their homes because they are strong, durable, and can provide great aesthetics. However, over time the ground shifts, and natural elements can wear down on your concrete slabs causing cracks. Quality concrete slab repair can make all the difference when upgrading your exteriors. 

Oftentimes, a concrete slab repair is more than just filling in unsightly cracks. There are various factors that lie below the surface that can cause breakages such as shifting soil, tree roots, improper installation techniques, or inferior materials. When this is the case, you need slab repairs that you can trust. Structural Repair & Renovations is dedicated to serving homeowners across the Washington DC metropolitan area with solid exterior repairs so our clients can maximize their home value. 

How To Tell When You Need Concrete Slab Repair

  • Cracks
  • Sagging
  • Shifting Walls 
  • Stones popping out

Homes naturally shift and settle over time. If you own a newly built home, a couple of subtle surface cracks might appear within the first few years. However, if you are noticing large cracks that stretch across significant portions of your concrete, you will want to call in for an inspection. 

When you notice sagging or shifting walls around your concrete, not all hope is lost. Our foundation repair contractors can inject epoxy into the soil to bring everything back to where it should be. Afterward, the team can inspect for any further surface cracks and fill those in to permanently bond the slabs back together. 

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When getting an estimate, other companies might tell you that your concrete is beyond repair to upsell you on concrete grinding and a new pour. While this may be the case for some extreme situations, our contractors will always give you an accurate assessment. We understand that big concrete projects can be a headache for some homeowners so we are here to provide you with simple foundation solutions! 

When it comes to home repairs, it is always best to address small issues before they become big ones. Having one of our contractors come out even for what may be a simple inspection, can give you a better idea of the real underlying issue. Since we specialize in foundation repairs, slab fixes are easy with our skill sets and product knowledge. Don’t waste time and money trying to do it yourself. Contact us today! We can give you a fair and reasonable estimate. 

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Slab Repair

One-story homes that have concrete slabs on top of the soil — especially those next to big trees whose roots spread wide — have a high probability of slab failure. One way to determine whether or not your slab is damaged is to look at the flooring inside of your house. If it’s cracked or uneven, the slab supporting your house might be suffering from settlement. Other signs of slab failure include:

  • External Brick Cracking
  • Internal Sheet Rock cracking
  • Sticking doors and windows


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