Bethesda, MD 

Basement Waterproofing For Bethesda, MD

On average, Bethesda, MD receives about 8 more inches of rainfall than the national average. That is why basement waterproofing for homes in the area is an essential part of foundation repair. Structural Repair & Renovations is proud to offer quality basement waterproofing services to homeowners in the area at an affordable rate.

When you work with a local soil stabilization company for foundation repairs, you are getting the complete basement waterproofing solution that most basement repair companies don’t have extensive knowledge about. Our in-depth knowledge of local soil types helps us better understand an identity the root of your leaky basement or crawl space.

Foundation & Crawl Space Repairs For Bethesda, MD

No matter what type of foundation your home sits on, Structural Repair & Renovations has the knowledge and resources to repair it. Our team can assist with crawl space repairs when you start to notice sagging floors or mold coming up from your floor boards. Some companies may just replace the floorboards or treat the mold but very few know how to perform a proper crawl space encapsulation. It is very imporant that crawl spaces are adequately repaired in Bethesda otherwise the rest of your home will start to fall apart.

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Structural Repair & Renovations understands that before your basement or crawlspace can be waterproofed, repairs to the foundation will need to be implemented first. Once we have drained any standing water, sealed in the cracks, and replaced any rotting beams, we can put the finishing touches on the waterproofing job. To learn more about our process, what makes our apprach unique, and to schedule an estimate, contact us today!