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Residents of Alexandria, VA understand that the amount of rainfall in the area tends to be higher than the national average most years. One important factor some new homeowners may not be familiar with is the type of soil in the area. Alexandria and many other areas in Fairfax County contain a type of soil called marine clay. Marine clay dramatically swells and shrinks upon exposure to water which can be problematic for basements in the area. 

Structural Repair & Renovations is local to Alexandria, VA so we understand all the elements at play when repairing a foundation. We access the soil, and damages to the foundation, crawlspace, or concrete slab, and create a plan from there. Often times after the foundation has been repaired, other parts of the home will need some repairs as well. That is why we also offer framing, soil stabilization, and concrete work. 

soil stabilization for a foundation repair in Alexandria, VA

Effective Soil Stabilization For Foundation Repairs

One of the many services Structural Repair &Renovations excels at that other companies may struggle with is soil stabilization. When the soil surrounding your Alexandria, VA home or business starts to crumble, the foundation will start to fail. When you work with a soil stabilization company, you are not only fixing a failing foundation but also correcting the root of the problem. 

 A damaged and weakened foundation can lead to problems that threaten the entire structural integrity of your home. Additionally, issues that seem small can turn into major problems that require extensive, and costly, repair services. Whether you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation or are experiencing uneven, sloping floors, Structural Repair & Renovations offers first-rate foundation repair in Alexandria, VA.

We provide comprehensive solutions designed to keep your home and loved ones safe. Using a variety of methods from steel underpinning to repairing hardwood floors, the specialists at Structural Repair & Renovations have the skills, experience, and resources you can count on for superior foundation repair.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions For Alexandria Home & Business Owners

One of the biggest threats to property owners is moisture intrusion and accumulation. In addition to pooling water, mold growth, wood rot, and structural damage. At Structural Repair & Renovations, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we offer comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions tailored to your specific property. Working closely with you, our experienced waterproofing professionals will assist you in identifying areas of your property that could benefit from improvement and designing a system that meets your needs.

Using innovative waterproofing systems, Structural Repair & Renovations can protect your home against moisture intrusion and accumulation. After thoroughly assessing your property and listening to your concerns, our talented professionals will design a custom waterproofing system that keeps your home dry and your family safe. From interior basement waterproofing to gutters and downspouts to vapor barrier installation, we’ve got what you need to protect your property.


Wet crawl spaces and basements cause both short-term and long-term issues, the most serious of which is foundational shifting. With nearly 50% of your indoor air originating in your crawl space, it’s crucial to keep the area clean and dry. Our crawl space repairs keep your crawl space dry, clean, pest-free, and healthy for better indoor air quality. In addition to preventing standing water, our crawl space encapsulation services can also help with:

  • Prevention of Mold Growth
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Reinforcement of Structural Integrity

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