SR&R waterproofing services are used throughout Northern VA, Maryland, Washington, D.C.and surrounding areas. SR&R has been the first choice for a number of property management properties, home owners, and other contractors


Basement Waterproofing


SR&R offers superior basement waterproofing services to it’s customers in Northern VA, Maryland and Washington, D.C. A wet basement can be a result of foundation cracks or a faulty basement drainage system. It’s critical that you get your basement moisture problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid significant structural problems for your home in the near future.


Wet Basement Concerns


  • Wet Basement Floors
  • Efflorescence
  • Wet Drywall in Basement
  • Wet Basement Walls
  • Excessive Condensation
  • Sump Pump problems
  • Poor drainage
  • Wet Basement Carpet
  • Leaking Basement Windows



Crawl Space Waterproofing


Trough SR&R professional waterproofing experts you can waterproof your crawl space using top rated products and proven techniques by which moisture is reduced and your family is better protected from mold and mildew. Our services are designed to offer you the best solution for waterproofing crawl spaces in your home.


  • Vapor barriers
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Crawl space waterproofing products
  • Repair foundation cracks
  • Repair structural damage
  • Drainage systems



Wet/Damp Basements & Crawl Spaces


Wet basements or crawl spaces are often sources of immediate and long-term problems. Standing water inside and/or seepage into residential crawl spaces and basements can cause many problems for the homeowner.

Wet basements and crawl spaces are sources of high humidity, which can produce surface condensation, mildew and fungi, musty odors, and an unhealthy environment. Such moisture can also cause deterioration of floor joists, beams, sub-flooring, insulation, and electrical-mechanical systems.

Prolonged water around the footer and foundation wall can soften the soil and weaken its bearing capacity, increasing the possibility of foundation wall movement. Serious seepage under the foundation footer may erode soil away and cause the wall to settle and crack.

SR&R designers can assist homeowners with wet basements and moist foundation walls in assessing the source and extent of the problem and in finding a remedy.



Causes of wet basements and crawl spaces

Most wet basements or crawl spaces are caused by surface water that is not adequately drained away from the foundation wall. Sources of this water include the following:


  • Improperly installed window wells.
  • Roof water if no guttering is present or the gutters are clogged.
  • Discharge from sump pumps.
  • Excessive watering of flower beds and shrubbery around the foundation wall
  • Rainwater runoff from the adjacent lawn, walks, or driveway areas if the landscaping forces water to drain toward the house instead of away (i.e., negative drainage conditions).
  • Nearby creek(s) may overflow during storm runoff and either directly flood basement or crawl space areas, or contribute to the groundwater, which may become sufficiently high to cause seepage into the basement or crawl space area.
  • Improperly installed, clogged, collapsed, or leaky drains may not allow downspout water or foundation wall water to escape.
  • Underground drains leading away from downspouts may not have sufficient slope to carry water away.
  • Ruptured water or sanitary lines either just outside the wall or under the house.



Common Solutions

  • Re-grading along foundation walls to promote positive drainage.
  • Install buried downspout and sump pump discharge pipe extensions.
  • Excavating along foundation walls and sealing with a waterproofing agent.
  • Installation of an interior drainage system.
  • Installation of exterior water vapor barriers near the ground surface along the foundation walls to prevent surface water infiltration and reduce the soil water content.



Wet Yards


Wet yard problems may be caused by several factors: improper grading, high clay content soils, shallow rock, gutter downspouts, sump pump discharge pipes, soil erosion, and inadequate drainage systems are the most common.

An SR&R designer can properly evaluate the main cause(s) of a wet yard and design a solution that addresses each issue. Common solutions are:

  • Re-grading of ground surface to promote positive drainage
  • Infiltration/Interceptor trenches
  • Planting for erosion control
  • Roof drain pipe extensions
  • French drains
  • Rain gardens
  • Drainage swales
  • Dry wells or rain tanks


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