Framing Repairs

Framing Repairs

Damaged Framing


Framing is the backbone of any construction project. The most common types of damaged framing are: cracked or cut roof trusses, bowing or twisting of joists and beams, column bowing, and inadequate connections between framing members. For example, we are often requested to evaluate roof framing that has been cut to accommodate pull-down attic stairs. An inexperienced contractor or homeowner can unintentionally weaken the roof truss and framing system, which ultimately can lead to roof failure.


SR&R designers are experienced in identifying problems with existing framing systems and can design solutions for any type of damaged framing and our crew can make the proper modifications to the framing system to support the existing loads


We work closely with you, your insurance company and general contractors, architects and engineers as necessary. We combine our experience, technical knowledge, and relationships with the regions’ top suppliers and manufacturers of framing supplies with our 24/7 response capabilities to make ourselves an indispensible resource for framing repairs.
We repair:


Wood frames.

Concrete frames.

Roof trusses.

Floor joists.




Load bearing walls.

Concrete slabs and footings.

And more.



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We’re professional problem solvers, we do every repair and renovation project right the first time. Whether a repair is just cosmetic or it involves a critical structural situation, we’ve seen it all. We have the years of experience and the skills to analyze the problem and execute the proper solution.