How Foundation Repair Can Be Covered by Insurance

The foundation of your home is the basis for everything else. if there are cracks and other problems, it can lead to your home leaning, caving in, and drywall cracking throughout the various rooms. A foundation repair is something that insurance will cover in many instances. Read Your Policy You can read through your policy to learn more about foundation repairs. There might be documents that are very clear as to the situations that would be covered if your foundation is in need of a repair. This could be from flooding, shifts in the earth, and more. Get an Estimate…

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Cold Weather May Mean Foundation Repair

One of the earliest lessons learned as a youngster in science class was that cold temperatures make things contract and warm temperatures make them expand. Trouble can arise as the cold weather season sets in if you suspect that you may be in need of foundation repair. Cracks And Seasonal Cycles Three seasonal cycles affect foundations: warm, wet, and cold weather. They work together, one season after another, to expand and enhance the problems a slab is suffering. Warm Weather During hot weather cycles everything contracts. Moisture evaporates from the soil surrounding a home, causing concrete to lose crucial support.…

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Let the Pros Handle your Foundation Repair Problems

Wondering if you can handle a foundation repair by yourself? There are certain foundation projects that are best left to professionals. These would be a few which we would suggest you let a pro fix: 1. Concrete Foundation Repair 2. Crawl Space Foundation Repair 3. Foundation Settlement Check out the full article to see what other foundation repair projects you should let the pros handle. You might want to think twice before embarking on foundation repairs to your property. Contact us today.  

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Foundation Repair Myths that Need to go Away

Nothing frightens homeowners more than hearing they need foundation repair. There are numerous myths that feed into this fear, so we would like to debunk some of the more common ones to help put your mind at ease. Myth: Foundation problems in newer homes are caused by the builder Fact: Even if the foundation was poured and laid correctly, a new home might nonetheless experience movement if the soil underneath it moves. Myth: Cracks will help you identify the source of the problem Fact: Cracks in your home’s foundation indicate there is a problem, but do not necessarily tell you where. Cracks are…

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Early Warning Signs That You Need a Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is one of the most essential parts. It’s also one of the most expensive parts to repair if there are issues. Of course, the sooner that you recognize problems and start the repair process means the less it will cost to fix. If you pull up to your home in the evening after work, and your home looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa than the neighbor’s house, then it’s obvious that you’re in need of a foundation repair. However, there need to be signs that you need a repair before your home gets…

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7 Quick Tips for Dealing with Foundation Repair

For a lot of homeowners, their home is the largest investment of their family’s treasure. They expect their home investment to increase in value and help send their kids to college or pay for their expenses in retirement. Unfortunately, foundation issues can deal a blow to your structural foundation and your financial future by lowering the value of your home. Do you suspect that you will soon have to deal with your home’s foundation repair? We’ve got seven quick tips to help you deal with that. What causes foundation problems? Most residential foundation repairs result from problems that start with…

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