Jan 02, 2017 / by Daniel Wawrzusin / Comments are off for this post

why-structural-inspections-are-necessary-before-buying-a-homeWhen you’re shopping for a home, there are things to keep in mind. For example, before you put in an offer to buy, structural inspections should take place. This will give you some more insight into your investment so you don’t suddenly encounter a money pit.

Learn About the Integrity of the Home

During a structural inspection, you will be able to learn about the framing and foundation of the home. If there is an issue, it’s important to know about it now because it could turn into bigger problems down the road. Even though the house looks great from the outside, and as you walk around the interior, you don’t know what’s going on in areas you can’t see. This is why you have to depend on an inspector.

Protect Your Investment

Without an inspection, you don’t know whether you’re making a financially sound investment. Insurance doesn’t always cover foundation repairs, especially if it is proven that they have been in place for longer than you have owned the property.

If issues are found, it’s a chance to have the problems fixed before you put in an offer or have the cost of the property reduced because of having to work on the issues.

The last thing you want to do is buy a home that has foundation problems. Whether it’s because of yard drainage, ground shifting, or something else, if there is a problem with the structure of the home, it’s your right to know – and before you put in an offer.

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