Nov 10, 2016 / by Daniel Wawrzusin / Comments are off for this post

foundation-repair-myths-that-need-to-go-awayNothing frightens homeowners more than hearing they need foundation repair. There are numerous myths that feed into this fear, so we would like to debunk some of the more common ones to help put your mind at ease.

Myth: Foundation problems in newer homes are caused by the builder

Fact: Even if the foundation was poured and laid correctly, a new home might nonetheless experience movement if the soil underneath it moves.

Myth: Cracks will help you identify the source of the problem

Fact: Cracks in your home’s foundation indicate there is a problem, but do not necessarily tell you where. Cracks are merely “relief points” that can originate from movement elsewhere in your home.

Myth: Cracks can simply be “filled in” with mortar, so foundation repairs are not needed if you only have small or hairline cracks.

Fact: Cracks do pose a hazard in that they allow moisture to enter your home’s foundation. Filling them will eliminate this issue, but will not necessarily take care of the problem that caused the crack in the first place.

Myth: I don’t need repairs unless my foundation has cracks or is slanting

Fact: Most damaged foundations will exhibit some visual signs such as slanting or cracking; however, these are not the only things you should be concerned with. You might also need foundation repairs if you have cupboard doors that will not stay closed, windows that will not open or shut, or notice hairline cracks along your upper walls and/or ceiling.

Myth: It’s okay to put off foundation repairs until they become more serious

Fact: Foundation issues only tend to get worse as time goes on. Even if you are not yet experiencing significant problems, you should have an inspection performed as soon as you notice cracks or other signs of damage.

Myth: Foundation repairs are always expensive

Fact: The cost of your repairs will depend upon the nature of your problem, size of your home, soil condition, and a host of other factors. Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to find that fixing their foundation is actually more affordable than they had anticipated. If you have noticed foundation damage, please contact us right away to schedule a free estimate.