Innovative Paving Solution – Ecoraster!

High quality- durable and long-lasting permeable paving, 100% recycled plastics of a proprietary composition.

The chief advantages and key benefits of Ecoraster® are:

  • High flexibility – will not shatter under vehicular traffic even at low temperatures
  • High horizontal connectivity (patented) – tested up to 5.7 kilonewtons / meter
  • Proven, consistent high quality – millions of square feet installed for over 20 years worldwide without failure or decomposition.

Grass Parking and Ecoraster Bloxx

The Ecoraster family of products makes it easy to use permeable pavers for the most beautiful of parking lot projects. The different systems, Ecoraster E50 and Ecoraster Bloxx can be used in conjunction with each other allowing you to use a combination of grass, gravel and “paver” paving.
Ecoraster can be used either as a storm water management solution by preparing the base beneath the grid to allow copious amounts of storm water to be buffered, or it can be used solely for aesthetic purposes retrofitting an area with a beautiful and usable paving system which just happens to be permeable.


Gravel Driveways made Easy with Ecoraster

There are many reasons for this shift away from traditional asphalt or paved surfaces.

Gravel driveways can be installed in a DIYer type fashion; Gravel driveways are environmentally friendly; Gravel driveways can help reduce municipal taxes by increasing the permeable surface available; Gravel driveways provide a quieter surface, more rustic and natural that is popular in today’s times.




Glebe Manor – Ground Stabilization beneath unit Interlocking Pavers

The paving stones come in a multitude of colors, sizes and finishes and can be used for various applications from pathways, tree root protection, driveways and sidewalks, just to name a few.
There is an underlying, no pun intended, problem with unit pavers that is more common in cold weather areas. There is an inherent risk of shifting, lifting and heaving of the stones due to fluctuations in temperature and resulting frost heave. There are many municipalities that have forbidden the use of unit paving stones due to potential tripping hazards.


Our Grass Pavement Project at Wolf Trap


Learn more about Ecoraster at their product page: Purus Plastics – North America